golf themed legal mysteries
Worth Knowing

What sets these novels apart?

Forget comeback trails, shot by shot accounts or murder on the links; the Bainbridge Diaries are quite unique. Strong characterisation, intricate storylines, twist and turns and a legal backdrop will ensure these golf themed novels appeal not only to golfers, but to the broader marketplace as well.

Who will buy them?

The Bainbridge Diaries will sell to the leisure seeking golfer on vacation, the club golfer through recommendation, the corporate golfer for promotion purposes, and the society golfer sourcing prizes. Considerable sales could also come from gift buying spouses and relatives in search of that elusive seasonal stocking filler or birthday present. The global golfing community is fully networked and its marketplace is ever growing. Word quickly gets around.

New Media and Innovation

Capitalising on the worldwide popularity of golf magazines, a golf novel in magazine format, when displayed alongside established high volume movers, is guaranteed to attract considerable interest. WH Smith alone has 802 UK outlets.

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Upping the Game
Honours Even
Worth Knowing
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