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The 9/10ths Rule


“For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose the last hole?” anon 1908

The Nine Tenths Rule

Through mutual distain, ‘The Morris Men’ gambled everything they possessed on the outcome of a golf challenge in 1921, to be repeated annually until either conceded, the eventual winner literally ‘taking all’. Fine in theory except both took knowledge of the unresolved feud to their graves.

Three generations on, in the sedate Stratford upon Avon offices of Bainbridge & Bainbridge solicitors, the consequences become all too apparent with the belated disclosure of their oddly bespoke contract. Life was about to change dramatically for two unsuspecting neighbours.

The peculiar ‘Morris Men Agreement’ had resurfaced and a quite different challenge was set to erupt … a matter of survival and enforced rivalry to claim and retain the all important trophy ahead of the other. But can its whereabouts be traced?

Between them, ‘The Morris Men’ have left their privileged great grandchildren an alarming and potentially ruinous legacy.

©  Stephen E Mitchell 2008



The 9/10ths Rule
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